Now that big business has taken over and industrialized the meat industry, small farmers find themselves struggling to compete with their large scale rivals. The distance between these small farms and proper processing facilities are lengthy and pose a problem for the marketing of the farmers meat. That is no longer the case due to the invention of the mobile slaughter unit. These mobile slaughter houses allow farmers to skip the trip to the processing factory and in return are now able to “market their livestock to the consumer directly.” This is a big step in the right direction to reducing the distance between our meat and our plates. Mobile slaughter units increase the access to local meat by making it more available to the public. As a result the shorter the distance we have to our food, the more knowledge and power we have in the meat industry. So while small farmers may seem like they are on the verge of existence, there is still a beam of hope for the future bursting our from the headlight of a mobile slaughter unit.