I had a food breakdown this week. A relapse if you will. Until Wednesday I had been (remotely) clean of meat for about three weeks now when suddenly I lost my cool. I decided to F bomb it and order a cheeseburger from Bennys. Seconds after submitting my order remorse coursed throughout my entire being, a feeling I had never experienced after deciding what to eat. But this was my low point of the week and I was in a real dark place so I succumbed to my primal instincts and ate that hunk of corn/cow eyeball/ground up bone. Yum. Except it wasn’t. Could this be possible? Has meat really lost its luster for me? I suppose the mental image of limp cattle carcasses dangling off of a conveyer belt with blood gushing down could do that for me. All I know is that my burger sucked a big one. Overcome with disappointment I did the only sensible course of action. I ordered three ice cream sandwiches. Which to be honest really did not help my situation since I could not enjoy my pitiful treats due to the fact that I spent the entire time wondering what was in them. Thanks to my sociology professor (JESSICA EPSTEIN.)

 Wednesday set aside, I have noticed a general shift in my food selection. No longer do I order chicken sandwiches and philly cheese steaks but rather I now eat a crap load of soup. I suspect it is because I have not learned about the invisible evils of chicken noodle broth kept hidden from the naïve eyes of the public, but I’m sure my sociology professor (JESSICA EPSTEIN) would be able to tell me a story of two. Regardless, i’ve been playing it safe with lots of salads and soup. Especially the clam chowda. You see I check campus every single day for my chowda, but it is a specialty on campus. Somehow I always have the misfortune of missing chowda day and then I get REALLY MAD because I have to wait another two to three weeks for it to return. I just pray that there is not a day in class when the topic will be the mistreatment of clams. If so, I may have to leave. You can take away my pork, beef, chicken and turkey but please, please leave me my clam chowda.