Now that I can no longer indulge in a cheeseburger, I have turned to an alternate guilty pleasure, fashion. Food fashion to be exact. In the article “Al rodente: Could squirrel meat come back into vogue?” I learned that maybe there is hope for a carnivorous future for me. Although beef, poultry, pork and turkey have been forever ruined for me, there still is some hope in squirrel meat. Some time ago there was a time that “squirrel was a more commonly feed meet than chicken.” Apparently Great Britain has already beaten the US to this trend for they have been eating squirrel for a half decade now. Also, squirrels are supposedly delicious due to the fact that they are nut eaters unlike other animals such as rabbits who are grass eaters. And to think of all those cute little squirrels on campus….. 😉

In other food fashion news vegetarianism has gone out of style according to the article “When did vegetarianism become passe?” Now a days sustainable meat is all the rage. Meat hipsters now advocate against eating big industry produced meat but rather buying from local markets and small farms that treat their animals humanely. This is an improvement from the “average half a pound of factory-farmed meat” that an American eats per day. Still, that doesn’t mean that vegetarianism is a fad of the past. I mean if it did then I guess my roommate (SARAH JANTSCH) and my professor (JESSICA EPSTEIN) are really uncool since they are both vegans. Nah, that can’t possible be.