This week my relationship with food took another unexpected twist. I had been second guessing my relationship with meat for sometime now and I was on the verge of ending things all together until I got a surprise this week. It all began on Wednesday. I woke up this Wednesday morning with a twinkle in my eye and a skip in my step. Today was finally the day I could donate blood! Now I know that most people don’t jump for joy at the idea of having a needle shoved up their arm and watching a pint of their blood slowly diffuse from their bodies but I certainly do. In high school, I had never been eligible to donate due to the fact that I was under the weight requirement but lucky for me I gained eight pounds in college thanks to the delicious cafeteria food and lack of motivation I now feel for physical activity. Whatever, I’m not “bitter” about it. Regardless, as a result I was now able to donate blood for the first time in my life. Fast forward through my day and I find myself sitting in a makeshift cardboard booth eagerly giving a Red Cross volunteer my social security number which as I look back in retrospect was probably not the best idea, but I did it anyways. All that is left is that one finger prick to test the iron levels in my blood. I began to feel a wave of anxiety as I watched the woman pull out the dreaded blood sucker. I have been anemic for about two years now and I would be lying if I said that I take my iron pill religiously every day. Luckily I got a 10.9 on the iron scale! Except for the fact that you need at least a 12.5 in order to donate blood. Great, well my day was ruined. I proceeded to have the pleasure of watching my roommate (SARAH JANTSCH) donate blood alongside my boyfriend (BEN MALECKI) while I sat at the pathetic reject loser snack table. Not only was I unable to give blood that day but I was now faced with an even bigger problem, iron consumption. What do you find iron in you ask? Meat of course. Hence my dire relationship with meat needed to be revitalized. Just when I thought I would never find peace with my diet decisions, my professor (JESSICA EPSTEIN) came to the rescue. JESSICA EPSTEIN farted rainbows all over the place and informed the class about a new approach to eating right called the alternative food movement. In it are people called locavores who are very food conscious and who eat only locally grown food. This means that I can still eat meat, but the meat I choose to eat will be healthier than the mystery corn/meat I ate before. Problem solved. I, Danielle Francis Huscher am now a locavore. So when April comes and the next blood drive occurs, I will finally be ready to donate. P.S. Today was clam chowda day and I was beyond ecstatic.