Being the “locavore” that I now am, I found the article “Local in winter: An invitation” real inspirational. This article talked about the Dark Day Challenge that I plan on partaking in. This challenge is for people to continue to eat locally during the year’s darkest months. Although it is quiet easy to eat locally during the spring and the summer, the winter is by far the hardest for many foods are out of season. Besides unseasonal foods, I I will also be avoiding all hard-boiled eggs. In the article “Listeria in hard-boilded eggs? How come?” I learned that the company Micheal Foods has recalled more than one million hard eggs that they believed to be contaminated. The scene of the contamination site is said to have been a packing room in the plant. All of this pandemonium could have been avoided if society would just become a locavore like myself (DANIELLE HUSCHER) and would have bought local eggs in the first place.