This food week rocked. I got treated to dinner not only once but TWICE this week. It all started on Valentines day. My boyfriend (BEN MALECKI) took me to a lovey dovey mushy gooshy dinner at BJ’s. It was super romantic except not at all. Regardless, I was beyond excited to not be eating mass produced cafeteria food for the millionth day in a row. I wanted to order the finest steak dish on the menu but my boyfriend (BEN MALECKI) told me that I should be prepared to dine and dash if I decided to place that order. (A real charmer I know.) So I ordered the lobster bisque instead and called it a day. Finally, food that did not come out of a can. Or did it? I had assumed that my meal was of higher quality since I ordered it at a restaurant but what if it really was no different than the cafe? Great. Thanks to my sociology professor (JESSICA EPSTEIN) I can no longer even trust the food served at a prestige restaurant such as BJ’s anymore thus my sociology professor (JESSICA EPSTEIN) indirectly ruined my Valentine’s day dinner and all future hopes of lifetime happiness.

Later on in the week I was invited to ANOTHER fancy dinner par-tay by the man of my dreams. My internship overseer (HOT BOSS) had arranged for our staff to dine with the returning alumni Michelle ‘Chelle’ McIntyre-Brewer. Now I realize that is it completely unprofessional to call to my internship overseer “HOT BOSS” so I only refer to him as this in front of my roommate (SARAH JANTSCH) and boyfriend (BEN MALECKI) who then becomes very jealous but that is besides the point. I enjoyed a lovely dinner served in the presidential dinning room that was most likely the best meal I will ever be served on this campus. The meal had every marker of a high class dinner; small portions, aesthetically arranged, not to mention that it tasted good too. For the first time since I enrolled in this course I was able to eat my food without questioning it. As I ate dinner I listened to Chelle speak about her family, more specifically about the young special needs Chinese boy she had recently adopted. Chelle explained how her son was the byproduct of the contaminated baby formula outbreak that happened in China. Recognizing this story from our readings on food regulation I was then able to impress my internship overseer (HOT BOSS) with my knowledge about how far behind China is in food regulation and the dangers that emerge from the US importing their goods. Thus, my sociology professor (JESSICA EPSTEIN) was able to redeemed herself for her earlier attempts of ruining my future happiness through indirectly starting the discussion that won me admiration from my internship overseer (HOT BOSS.)