This week I watched the commercial that my sociology professor (JESSICA EPSTEIN) posted on coursekit concerning the Chipotle advertisement shown during the Grammys. This commercial hit close to the heart for me, not because of the endearing pink little piggies being mistreated but because the video coincided with the song “the Scientist,” a pathetic song that I spent all my sophomore year bawling my eyes out to after the breakup of my first serious relationship. Regardless, I absolutely despise that song and to this day refuse to listen to it. The New York Times wrote a response article about this moving commercial entitled “ Don’t Presume to Know a Pig’s Mind.” In the article, it stated that only a day after the advertisement ran, McDonalds being the saints that they are, announced that they would require all of their pork suppliers to do away with gestation crates. God bless them. Too bad they never set a date by which that would happen. The journalist Mo Tarkio then proceeded to talk about the dangers of sows grouped together in pens due to the aggressive nature of pregnant sows who will fight other pigs for food during feeding time. In response to this article, there was a blog post on called “The Infamous Chipotle video: will it help get rid of gestation crates?” In this blog post, there is a critique of Tarkio’s defense for gestation crates, stating that farmers such as Paul Willis do not use gestation crates but rather confines his sows in fields via electric fences which is almost as productive and much more humane. There are alternatives, it is only a matter of if society is willing to change to adapt them or not. My solution, WWJD dudes. I may not be religious but i’m pretty positive that Jesus would not approve of gestation crates. Dee out.