Today I had a real food fiesta. After my professor (JESSICA EPSTEIN) introduced the concept of cultural toolboxes in class today, I felt it necessary to deviate from the cafe and eat some ethnically different food. For the first time this semester I ate at Clydes, a real feat since I hate that place. There I ordered a turkey quesadilla with LOTS of cheese and chips. I’m not really big on Mexican food but I do love cheese, which luckily is a necessity in the Mexican toolbox. Later on in the night I got taken out to dinner (score!) The dinner was a collaboration meeting between the Susquehanna chapter of Habitat for Humanity and Bucknell’s chapter. Typically my internship overseer (HOT BOSS) would have facilitated the dinner but to my dismay he sent his co worker instead. =( If I wasn’t already devastated enough, I found out that for the second time today I would be eating mexican food. Awesome. Because nothing puts you in a better mood to get ready to go out on a Friday night than consuming copious amounts of melted cheese. Unless of course you are a vegan, like my roommate (SARAH JANTSCH) or my professor (JESSICA EPSTEIN) in which case it would be the equivalent of eating copious amounts of poorly prepared tofu.


Back to this whole cultural toolbox ordeal, I began to wonder what specific toolbox club I belong to. I’m notoriously know within my friend group for “playing with my food” although I like to call it “creating art.” After the majority of meals I usually mix together everybody’s leftovers into one exotic, delicate entree. Now don’t get me wrong, I prepare them nicely. I drizzle catsup and mustard over the the plate in that typical Z formation typically found in all the high class restaurants. I sprinkle salt and pepper over the meal to give it that extra va va voom! I even have been know to place a little piece of lettuce on the very top, which if cast in dim lighting, almost resembles a basil leaf. I swear I could have a future as a chef if anybody would be willing to grow a pair and try one of my creations. Usually at this point my boyfriend (BEN MALECKI) intervenes and says something along the lines of but not limited to: “Ewwwww Danielle that is vile” or “How old are you, Jesus?” Whatever, he just doesn’t “get” me. The food weirdness doesn’t stop there though. I like to combine foods that nobody in their right mind would try. For example, I like eating chicken noodle soup with cottage cheese in it. Some people find it strange, I find it delicious. The person who likes to give me the most (excuse my Czechoslovakian) sh** about this is non other than the ladies man himself (MATT SCHREIBER.) Who may I add is wifed-up, tied down, whipped or more simply put, in a relationship. My point being I don’t really know if a cultural toolbox fits with me. If there are other cultures who put four different toppings on their bagels (cream cheese, peanut butter, strawberry jelly and butter) in a checkered pattern then please, let me know. But until then I will have to face the judgement and scrutiny from stupid (MATT SCHREIBER.)