Long time, no blog. I’ll begin with my CRAZAY Spring break trip. Imagine the MTV coverage of Spring break where there are thousands of tan muscular dudes in swim trunks and girls in string bikinis on the beach holding drinks in their hand while they rock out to P Diddy and that pretty much sums up my break. Except for the fact that I was volunteering on a habitat build site in the middle of nowhere in Tennessee stuck in a church basement wearing dirt covered jeans and a t-shirt. Instead of getting hammered, I was actually hammering in shingling on a roof. It was wild, but in all seriousness I did have a good time. Now while staying down in Tennessee my group and I tried to conserve as much money as possible so we took to eating the free dinners that the local churches offered their community. Surprisingly, this was a new concept to me. For so long i’ve been accustomed to having a say in what food I eat. Whether it be deciding what mystery meat to eat in the cafe or ordering a meal at a restaurant I have always been faced with choices. Yet when you attend a free meal, that freedom is taken away from you. I either had to eat the scrambled eggs and sausage placed in front of me or miss an entire dinner for the night. The luxury of questioning my food had been stripped from me, no longer did it matter if the meat was ultra processed, I had to eat it or go hungry. Luckily for me, I only had to eat that way for a mere couple of days, that is not the case however for people living in poverty. In areas such as food deserts the public do not have the ability to choose healthy foods so they are left to use the few food resources available to them. As if that wasn’t awful enough, one in seven people will go hungry tonight because they have absolutely no options when it comes to what to eat. Put in perspective, the laxative covered cafe food all of sudden sounds like more of a blessing than an atrocity.

On a side note I have the cutest story about my roommate (SARAH JANTSCH.) The other day I was in a rush and I needed to look something up quickly on the internet. My ethernet cord is an absolute terror to use so i’ve taken to using Sarah’s cord when she isn’t around. Sarah’s computer was already plugged in so to save time I pulled up Safari on her computer and began to google search the information I need when all of a sudden her recent searches popped up. The search “where do we get our bananas from” caught my eye and I couldn’t help but laugh. My sociology professor (JESSICA EPSTEIN) has managed to weasel her way into not only my daily life once again.