It is about time that I introduced a new character into my food blog, my mother (WENDY HUSCHER). Now my mother (WENDY HUSCHER) is definitely not your typical mother. She got her BA from De Paul University in accounting but after several years of working in this tedious occupation my mother became very bored. What a shocker, I know. When asked about her previous employment my mother depicts days spent hiding in bathroom stalls taking naps instead of working. I kid you not. It is no surprise that when my parents got divorced last year and my mother was forced to get a job again that she absolutely refused to go back into the accounting business. Instead, she chose to live a life of poverty through teaching a variety of odd jobs such as yoga instructor, maid, school van driver, and tele-facilitator which really is a more formal title for telemarketer. As a result, my mother learned how to scam the system in order to really stretch her dollar. It is okay for you to judge her, I do it all the time. Now my mother has no limits or morals when it comes to abusing our compassionate government so one of the first things she did was sign me up for the free lunches at school. Now initially my sister and I opposed eating these lunches but they beat the orange colored lunches my mother would pack which consisted of oranges, goldfish, carrots and cheese puffs every single day so eventually we gave in. Luckily for me I loved vegetables so I stuck mainly to the salad bar but after watching the videos in class today I began to wonder what if I had chosen to eat the daily school lunches instead. If I had eaten the cafe pizza, giant hot dogs or spicy chicken sandwich every day then there is no way I would still be this little or healthy. As a student I had always heard and continue to hear people complain about these meals yet nobody ever takes the initiative to challenge the cafe. This further reassures me that people are too lazy to change their diets. On a national scale you see the same thing happening, everybody complains about obesity and an unhealthy food market but only the select few actually care enough to make a change such as in Berkley. When it comes to food reform there are definitely a lot of people who are willing to talk the talk but not actually walk the walk.

Time to fart some rainbows! Recently SU has implemented a new sustainable system at Bennys where students can ask to use re-washable green containers which they call the “clam shell” instead of the paper boats to hold their food. Now I have been using these clam shells for a while now but they were always extremely inconvenient and it was common for me to be greeted with a glare whenever I asked an employee to use the container instead. That is until my internship overseer (HOT BOSS) saw to it that they made choosing the container an option on the kiosk in place of the awkward face to face confrontation. Noice. Not only is Bennys going green, McDonalds has jumped on the band wagon too!

According to the article “McDonald’s ditches Styrofoam…Maybe” McDonald’s is planning on replacing its styrofoam cups with double walled fiber hot cups in 2,000 of it’s stores. These paper cups will be much easier to recycle and biodegrade quicker than styrofoam does. If these cups are a success then hopefully this greener solution will spread to the remaining 13,000 plus restaurants. This change in management is due to the fact that 30 percent of McDonald’s shareholders indicated that they wanted eco-friendly policies at the restaurants. So if reform can take place at a national level such as McDonalds then it is completely plausible that change can come about in the cafe at SU too, if only somebody will take the initiative.