This week I got my research ON. I spent nine solid hours conducting surveys and watching a graphic video on the horrors of the meat industry over and over and over again. Believe it or not, watching baby calves being shot in the head does not get old, in fact, if you watch it enough the image becomes ingrained in your head. The same goes for watching the necks of cows slit as they flail around on the ground and chickens being thrown on the floor in an attempt to break their necks. The one image that did not stick in my mind however was one of the cruelty towards fish. In fact, my data showed that an overwhelming amount of people were the least affected by the fish section of my video. So why is it that nobody cares about the poor little fishes? I myself own a pet fish (FISH) who I am quiet fond of. For example, every school break I have to put the little guy in a Benny’s soup container to transport him home since I am not allowed to keep him here. It was before Easter break, right when it was time to leave that my boyfriend (BEN MALECKI) told me that my pet fish (FISH) was no where to be found. Naturally I brushed his comment aside and insisted on looking inside the cup myself, only to find water. It was then to my horror that I noticed a small red ball curled up on my floor. The little guy had tried to take his own life by jumping out of the cup and over my dresser. You would not believe how loud I screamed at the sight of my dead fish. Yet to his dismay and my delight I was able to recover him last minute by placing him back in the soup container. So how is it that I reacted so strongly to my little beta fish taking a tumble yet while watching other fish suffocate in over-crowded fish tanks I barely wince? Even my literature reviews showed evidence that fish is usually the last type of meat for vegetarians to give up. They say that there are plenty of fish in the sea, but is that really an excuse to dismiss the pain endured of the fish sitting on our dinner plates?