There is something fishy going on in the Gulf of Mexico. In the article “Ew! Eyeless shrimp and deformed fish now routinely caught in the Gulf” I learned about the effects the BP spill is having on the marine life in the Gulf. Many shrimp are eyeless now and are suffering from black gills. There are also crabs with holes in their shells and who are dying from within. Luckily, none of these health concerns prevent them from being sold in our local grocery stores. With any luck the food industry may be able to market these eyeless critters as delicacies, the new portobello mushrooms if you will. I mean it can’t be any worse than pink slime right? I’m not even going to go there. On a brighter note, maybe people will finally begin to worry about fish suffering now. But who am I kidding? As my sociology professor (JESSICA EPSTEIN) would say, i’m merely farting rainbows.