Sociology of food class may be over but I still deal with many of the topics I learned about from it in my daily life. This week I watched everyone in my freshmen hallway including my roommate (SARAH JANTSCH) pack their things to go home for the summer. It was a sad sight to see, that is until I viewed the contents of the trash. You could not even begin to imagine the things that people throw away today! Brand new bottles of detergent lay beside a trashcan while fully packaged solo cups poked their heads out of the trash. In such an illogical situation, my boyfriend (BEN MALECKI) and I did the only logical thing, we went dumpster diving baby! Yet I was not as interested in the material trash gems to be found but rather in the gems of the edible sort. That’s right, people were throwing out food. Now i’m not talking about half empty boxes of old crackers, I’m talking about brand spanking new, unopened food. Being an intern in the Center of Civic Engagement, I was in charge of the donation drive going on which coincidentally was collecting non perishable food to give to the local homeless shelter. I decided to seize the opportunity to support the drive and of course, take a final stab at impressing my internship overseer (HOT BOSS), because everyone knows there is nothing sexier than digging through the trash. So off my boyfriend (BEN MALECKI) and I went, a couple on a mission. In total we ended up finding a box of popcorn with 22 bags left in it, a box that advertised containing 52 packets of oatmeal, there were 45 packets remaining in the box. There were 2 unopened boxes of chewy bars, 24 bars, 2 unopened boxes of Cold Stone Creamery hot chocolate, 22 pouches in total and 2 sleeves of perfectly packaged Oreos. But wait, there’s more! Originally a 28 pack of V8 tomato juice with 19 left, 6 Dole fruit cups, and my absolute favorite, a whopping total of 28 packs of Ramen noodles. This was all found on the mere surfaces of trashcans since I did not hardcore dig through the trash, so one could only imagine how much more food lay inside them. The sight of this mountain of food sitting on my bed made me feel sick to my stomach, can people really be this wasteful? Can they really throw away food without the slightest twinge of guilt? Personally, my mother (WENDY HUSCHER) would shake me senseless if she were to ever catch me being so inconsiderate. Is it because I go to a $40,000 a year school where people grew up with plenty of money and bellies accustomed to feeling full or is it bigger than that? So many questions yet no answers, where is my sociology professor (JESSICA EPSTEIN) when you need her? Baffled, my boyfriend (BEN MALECKI) and I sat down for our last dinner together of the school year, organic, vegan ramen (which I suspect is still highly unhealthy for you) which we had dug out of the trash. What a way to end to end my freshman year.