Upon searching through the food blogs I came upon a possible explanation as to what possessed SU freshmen students to throw out abundant amounts of food. The reason? People in the United States are so concerned with obesity now that they have forgotten that the concept of starvation even exists! In the article “Reuters: How the White House wobbled on childhood obesity” I was informed that Congress is so busy trying to keep obesity prevalent in our nation while appearing concerned and proactive that it would be absurd to ask them to attempt to solve world hunger or to advocate awareness. Instead, Congress is diligently working to keep our nation meaty through passing bills declaring pizza as a vegetable in order to keep it in school lunches and killing a plan that recommended reducing the amount of sugar, salt at fat marketed to children. It is thanks to this veto that numerous college freshmen in my hallway went out to buy Ramen noodles only to later throw it in the trash. Meanwhile our girl Michelle Obama is still struggling to have her child obesity campaign take off, because apparently she does not have nearly enough influence with our Congress. With the way that things are heading, it looks like her campaign will be dead soon, similar to all the children starving who could use our wasted food.