Looking into the future now that my freshman year is finished and I have completed my Sociology of Food class, I wonder about the effect it will have on my diet going into the summer. One change that I would like to implement into my diet would be to not be so wasteful when I eat. After learning about world hunger and witnessing the wastefulness of my peers around me I feel obligated to cut back throwing away perfectly good food. This entails taking smaller portion sizes when I eat at open buffets such as the school cafe or always taking home the leftovers in a carry out box from restaurants. I also plan on arranging a meeting with Bob Ginader next fall to tour the inside of the dish room in the cafe to remind myself to stick with the resolution of being more sustainable. Ideally I would also like to work with Mr. Ginader more next year in order to stay informed and to help provide students with insight about the food services on campus. The next change I would like to make would be to support local farmers through purchasing better quality meat and local, organic vegetables. I will look into finding the closest farmers market to my town and possibly join a CSA. In addition I would like to share the information I learned from this class with my family and friends so that they can lead healthier lives and make better choices when it comes to food. Another change I would like to implement would be expanding my cooking toolkit by trying out new recipes and ingredients when I make dinner for myself. I would like to be more involved in the process of creating my food from now on, I don’t want to merely eat what is set on my plate anymore. Lastly, I hope to continuing reading some of the food blogs to stay informed about food issues going on. Although I may not stick with every change I hope to accomplish, I have no doubt that this class will have a lasting impact on my diet and view of food. I have been set on a better path to developing a relationship with the food I eat, and it is all because of my sociology professor (JESSICA EPSTEIN). Thanks to her, now I can truly go forth and conquer.